10 Things you never realised you can learn from babies

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That cloud looks like a goldfish

That cloud looks like a goldfish

There used to be a time when I didn’t even know how to hold a baby.

Things changed, many diapers got changed too, and now I am able to spend a whole day with these little people, and not only enjoy it, but even, through observation, learn some precious lessons from them.

1. Be yourself.

Babies don’t know yet that it might be convenient to present themselves in a different light, so to say, so they are ALWAYS themselves. And that is absolutely charming!

2. Play.

Playing or being playful is something that we, as adults, tend to forget about. Playing requires imagination, spontaneity and even courage in some games. Just do it!

3. Get enough sleep.

We are preoccupied with getting (plenty of) things done so we cut off our sleeping hours. In many cases, having enough sleep can become crucial for being more efficient and having more energy or simply starting the day in a good mood.

4. Eat healthy.

Babies are lucky. They have their parents to carefully choose for them the food that is most healthy, nutritious and tasty. We have hectic schedules, we forget to eat, we just grab something to fool our body away from hunger. Be your own baby. Take care of yourself.

5. Be naive

You don’t know what clouds are made of. You think they are magic. You are amazed at their different shapes and mysterious nature.

6. Look at yourself in the mirror with great joy and enthusiasm.

The person in the mirror might respond in the same manner. Try it!

7. Speak in your own (so far nonexistent) language.

It triggers creativity and helps you not to take yourself so VERY seriously. Relax!

8. Do something as if you are doing it for the first time.

We take things like eating, walking, brushing our teeth for granted. Of course we know how to do it! It’s part of our everyday routine. Well, try to rediscover these apparently trivial things – walk as if you are only starting to walk (see how your work colleagues react!), be surprised by the taste of lemon, DO NOT swallow toothpaste!

9. Give joy to others unconditionally.

Babies are cute and sweet – they can’t help it. They giggle and laugh and do silly things on a regular basis – watching them is bliss. Allow yourself to be silly if you know it can help to cheer up somebody close to you.

10. Don’t put pressure on yourself.

Babies have no idea what pressure is. They simply enjoy every moment. They have time – plenty of it. They have no agenda, goals, people to impress, deadlines to keep. It’s a nice feeling.

Take a break from being a big boy or a big girl!