My first Samurai Game

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I went to the Samurai Game not really knowing what to expect.

When I left the Samurai Game I had learned a number of precious lessons about myself and life in general, including:

“Expect nothing, be prepared for everything”.

But it isn’t a thing you can start doing from a moment to another. To become prepared or ready for something, one needs to take their time.

So I took my time before I was ready to open up to my fellow participants in the Samurai Game. I walked around the space where the game was going to take place, listening to the voices and watching the body language of these people with whom I knew I’d spend the whole weekend.

My intuition told me that they were showing their true self, so I felt prepared to do the same. It is essential for The Samurai Game.

During the Game we were assigned different roles, each of crucial importance for the final outcome. Or so it seemed.

I watched everyone try to perform their role using all their skills and showing integrity towards teammates and adversaries. I admired these people.

I realized that it didn’t matter if the role was chosen by yourself or you got chosen for it by the others. What did matter was that you performed it in a dignified way.

The role of the Sentry inspired me despite its apparently passive character. I think we all should act as a Sentry once in a while – just stop and observe it all happening – Life. Without any distractions, just stare into its eyes. We might hear the voice of Fate whispering “You know what you have to do”.

The value of sharing impressions and listening to other people’s perspective was very well demonstrated in practice during the feedback session after the game. It made the experience even richer and more profound.

I thank the organizer and co-facilitator, Lawrence Warry, for this unique experience and all the participants for their honest insights.

The next  Samurai Game in The Hague will take place on the 21st of March at the Hagukumi Dojo.




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