Leipzig Postcard

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You experience a city through the people you meet there and the places you go to.

For me, Leipzig is an artsy city with kind-hearted, joyful people.

I travelled 16 hours by train to have a chance to experience this city and it was certainly worth it.

My friend, who lives in Leipzig and works at the University of Music and Theatre, took me to a rehearsal for a musical with the talented performer of turkish origin, Nedime Inke. It gave me goose-bumps!

The university is right in the centre so we went for a walk to get a feel of the city. I liked its compact and cozy character.

The new, recently opened Metro station looks impressive, having a modern, minimalist architectural style.

Joerg kept bumping into acquaintances and clients (he is a photographer and a member of the Lunar3 band) so the city felt friendly.

We went to “Spinnerei” and pretended that we are painters looking for colours, textures and frames 🙂

A quick peek in the cool bikeshop and we’re ready for coffee and quiche in the airy, light-coloured cafe.

Next day we went to a concert by girly trio “Coucou” which was a very soft, delightful treatment for our ears.

Weird was for me to discover that they have the russian soup “Solyanka”.

The last hours of the evening were dedicated to electronic music.


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