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Troubled love

Troubled love

I watched “Lars and the real girl” again.

I like how this movie educates us to want to understand human beings (more). It also educates us to want to help them. To believe that we CAN help them. It happens too often, that, because someone is considered an adult, they are left on their own to deal with complex problems, some of which can only be solved with external assistance.

This movie shows that if you care and you show it, beautiful results can be achieved. And beautiful souls can be unlocked.

It is the story of a troubled young man and the way that his family and community reaches out to help him after he gives a cryptical signal that something’s wrong and needs to be “fixed”.

Lars chooses a rather original way to cure himself of fear. Fear of being hurt, fear of being abandoned, fear of letting go and of becoming an adult. In this context, it is interesting to see how the experience of an individual can present itself as a lesson for a whole community.

You see these people’s attitude evolve from judgment to tolerance, understanding, generosity in good acts.

It is a movie that inspires me to look beyond the surface and realize how mysterious the workings of our minds are.


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