Celebrating 3 meaningful years

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3 years ago I made a leap into my future. A future I was afraid of.

I wanted to experience new things, feel challenged, make new friends and discover more about myself.

So I chose The Netherlands as the battlefield for the fights that were to follow in my admittedly adult life.

Why The Netherlands? Because it had to be abroad. It had to be difficult. It had to feel liberating.

At the time when I made the decision, it was fully supported by a friend living in The Hague. So now I had not only a country but also a city for my self-development project.

At the beginning my life in this new reality felt empty and terrifying.

I did not see any opportunities, any ground on which to build.

With time, chances started to appear, I began expanding the group of people I knew. And they all had encouraging things to say, they all shared ideas on how to look for work, they opened my eyes to what my strong points were.

I began to feel welcome in this environment. I felt stronger. I gained more certainty that this had been the right choice.

I learned a new language, which seemed very different from the other languages I already spoke. Later I realized that there’s many words I can understand in Dutch, especially when reading. At the same time I began to love even more my native language, Romanian, because it is full of opportunities. It is similar to a key that allows you grasp other languages easier.

I appreciate the freedom that biking gives me. No need to wait for trams, no need for a driver’s license, wind in my hair – it’s fantastic!

The people I met here made me understand that the decision I made was a brave one.

My project continues. I still have to learn a lot. But now I know that a new start is nothing to be afraid of. All you need is a bit of courage and a lot of trust in people. Beginning with yourself.








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  • Luigi says:

    well done Irina.
    I was happy to read this about you.
    Head on, unwind yourself and build your own freedom.

  • Patrick says:

    Hi Irina,

    Was nice to have met you (via Nuri), I think it’s a bold decision to live abroad, but you managed very well! Enjoy your new country, your new friends and your new self 🙂


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